Flatworld EDGE has in-depth experience in IT Infrastructure Management Services. From maintaining the hardware like storage and web servers, peripherals and client machines, to troubleshooting minor issues and recovering lost data to identifying potential cyber attacks, our IMS does it all. The essential operative elements of your IT infrastructure like equipment, data, processes, policies, external contacts and human resources are all effectively observed to ensure and improve its efficiency.

The IT IMS from Flatworld Edge can provide significant savings in cost and time as it can be installed and operated on your existing platform. It is flexible, compatible across platforms and vendors, and can be scaled to meet the growing needs of your business. Through this service, we offer detailed analytics to provide you with actionable information on your business process execution. Our IMS helps you detect potential threats quickly and early on, helping you take swift remedial action to minimize damage.

Why Flatworld Edge

Adherence to industry best practices to reduce costs, minimize risk, enhance efficiency and boost productivity
Large pool of professionals with in-depth technological expertise and continuous improvement and upgrading of knowledge and services
Integrates with customer’s existing ITSM module, BYOD management, and cloud services
Flexible, fully customizable, stable and scalable to meet unique business requirements
Round the clock operation. Absolute compliance with ITIL and DISA
Flexible sourcing to suit customer requirement

Features and Benefits

  • Product can be deployed on the existing platform, and is vendor agnostic
  • Secure collection and consolidation of log data for metrics, incidents and anomalies
  • Connects each logged IT operation to its corresponding business process
  • Allows defining customized KPIs of your software apps
  • Facilitates discovery of behavioral and performance trends over time and provides insights into their relationships
  • Enables prediction of potential threats and launching of preventive action

Why Outsource your IT Infrastructure Management?

To drive business growth, you need to focus on customer delight, and business innovation; your IT infrastructure runs your business, and it must be maintained in peak condition at all times. But you cannot afford to engage your own resources in IT operations beyond a certain extent – it could well mean ignoring your core business activities. By outsourcing this task, you can focus on business innovation, risk management and customer services. The advantages of outsourcing in a nutshell:

Free valuable resources and refocus them for more important, high value core business activities
Leverage benefits offered by outsourcing the mundane infrastructure management process to service providers with operational efficiencies and lower cost structure to reduce expenses
Instant access to superior skills and regularly upgraded technology is preferable to building capability from scratch
Experience higher degree of flexibility, adaptability and agility to quickly adapt to changing market scenarios
Eliminate capital expenditure and eradicate the need to carry debt liability with the pay as you go model for IT infrastructure management, and divert those funds to operations instead
Reduce risk by accessing scalable solutions and reliable performance. Gain valuable insights into IT operations and improve decision making

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